The Brotherhood of St. George

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The Brotherhood of St. George,- our men’s group in our St. George Parish Church, was introduced in our St. George Parish Church by Bishop Pigott, then Archdeacon. In the early 1960s during Archdeacon R.S. Maswell’s guidance it became very vibrant. Some of our present members who served then are: Bros. Jerome McBarnette, Seon Alexander, Alister Clouden and Denis Lambert. Some others who have passed on and served our Church and Brotherhood well are: Bros. Albert Abraham, Curtis Stewart, Herbert James and Curtis Hughes.
Sometime in the early1970s the Brotherhood became less active and just a few committed members kept the flag flying. They accepted the responsibility of keeping the church grounds clean and did so with pride. Brothers Jerome Mc Barnette, Seon Alexander, Patrick Paterson(deceased), Alister Clouden, Herbert James (deceased) were some of the members then.
Early in 1998, Bishop Sehon Goodridge called a meeting of the men of The St. George Parish Church; and with the help of Bro. Herbert James, the Brotherhood was given a shot in the arm and sprang back to more vibrancy.
The following executive were elected in April 1998: Bro. Matthew Dopwell, President,  Bro. Herbert James .V.P. , Bro. Seon  Alexander, Secretary/Treasurer. Since then the following members have served in successive years, on the executive as President: Bro. Evlyn Ross, Bro. Tim Byam and Bro. Jerome McBarnette. Also serving were Bro. Seon Alexander, (Sec /Treasurer), Bro. Jasper Pryce (Secretary) Bro. Tim Byam (Secretary) and Bro. John Branch (Treasurer).
Our present membership stands at 22  and meetings are held on the third Thursday of the month with our corporate worship being held the following Sunday. An open invitation has been issued to all men of our congregation.  
Some of our programs are:
  • The Scholarship Program: An Anglican male student is given assistance to attend a secondary school.
  • Christmas Hampers for the needy.
  • Provide The Day by Day booklet at a minimal cost to many.
  • Fund raising for our church needs.
  • EG. Dinner, Dance in October of every year.
  • Shove Tuesday Dance
  • Let’s Talk program.
Added to this, many of our members (past and present ) take our Moto to heart and have and are serving our Lord through His Church in various ways.

Contact Information

The Venerable Christian E. Glasgow
M.A., B.A., Dip. P.S.
St. Lucy's House, Church Street,
P.O. Box 101, St. George
Grenada.  West Indies
Tel: 1 473 440 2169/6282   
Tel: 1 718 355 8200    
Cel: 1 473 407 2010

Sunday Service

7:00 a.m. ~ St. Alban - Mt. Moritz

7:30 a.m. ~ St.George's - Church Street

9:00 a.m. ~ St. Luke's - Grenville Vale

10:00 a.m. ~ St. Vincent - Morne Jaloux

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