St George's Anglican Church Prayer and Praise

Mission Statement and or Vision Statement: To know God, Worship Him and to encourage others to get a closer walk with Him.
Number on roll 20. 12 active & 8 - non active: Membership fluctuates.
Name of Executive Members. N/ A
Group Leaders. Alice Lambert, Marcelle Ross, Pearline Lewis and Meryl Renaud.
Meetings-day, time, and place. Every Wednesday at 5:00 the St. George's Anglican Chapel¬≠ except on Public Holidays. At these meetings we pray and praise God, share testimonies, do Bible readings and spend about ten minutes in quiet time and reflection.
It is interesting to note that this prayer group started as a result of an invitation from a member of the Catholic Church Charismatic Group to attend a Retreat at St. Martin's Retreat Centre at Mt. St. Evans, in St. Andrew on 3/12/95.
Auslyn Williams received this invitation and invited Marcelle Ross to accompany her to this Retreat which in turn inspired both Auslyn and Marcelle on their return to St. George's to start such a group as the meeting was full of the teachings of the Holy Spirit and we thought it best to introduce this form of worship to our church members.
Bishop Sehon Goodridge was on a visit to the parish at this time and so we asked his permission and blessing on what we wanted to do with the group. This was granted without any hesitation and was the beginning of the launching of the group. With the kind permission of our rector - Fr. Clement Francis we invited the Catholic Charismatic Group to conduct a Life in the Spirit seminar at our church. The church members were very enthusiastic about this seminar and we had approximately 120 persons with a few from other churches who attended.
The visiting team consisted of Sister Rose Hall, Vera St. John, Ann Austin, Sydney Mitchell, Lyris Antoine, Yvette Phillip, Sylverius Caesar and Ruthina Gabriel.
There were eight sessions which came from a book by the name of "You will receive power"
  • I Am the Alpha and the Omega (Rev. 21 :6)
  • I Chose You (John 15:15)
  • I will draw all men to Myself (John 12:31)
  • I Am the Resurrection and the Life (John 11: 25)
  • Father Forgive them (Luke 23:34)
  • You will receive Power (Acts 1 :8)
  • I Am the Good Shepherd (John 10: 11)
  • I Pray that they may be one in us (John 17:21)
Our 1st Retreat was a Mt, St. Evans on Advent Sunday 1995. We are pleased to recall that Fr. Jenkins, Fr. Raymond Roberts, Fr. Clive Thomas, deceased Fr. Ralph Moore, Fr. Ashton Francis, Fr. Roland Mark, Fr. Michael Marshall, Lay Reader (retired) Brenda Fletcher, and Marcelle Ross all attended our Prayer and Praise meetings. The 1st Vigil we were asked to attend was for deceased Fr. Ralph Moore at the St. Paul's Anglican Church.
Several vigils followed at the St. George's Anglican Church on Friday nights at 6:00 pm to 6:00 am. on Saturday mornings and ended with a Mass.
The session ended with Reconciliation attended by Fr. Glasgow, Fr. Jenkins and Fr. Francis.
Many years have passed since 1995 and we now have special prayer services as well as our regular meetings. At the special prayer services we invite those who have special needs to come for prayers. February 1st 2012 - forty-four (44) persons attended. 28/10/12 - thirty-five (35) persons attended and on the 6/8/13 - forty-three attended.
Lawyer Lloyd Noel came to speak to us on "The Importance of making a Will" on the 31/10/12 - twenty¬≠ three (23) persons were in attendance. Dr. Roxanne Nedd also did a session on Dental Care and Dr.Keisha Lowe did one on Prostate Cancer both in 2013. We also had a visit from Ms. Lana McPhail about "Capacity Building" in 2013. The presentation was very informative and was well received.
For the past 5 years and continuing, before Carnival we do a Prayer Walk and drive around the town as far as Belmont area and end with a Final Prayer for the safety of the nation, in the City near The NIS Building. We visit the hospital and pray with the patients and also visit the nursing homes, namely Chichester's Nursing Home and The Grand Anse Home for the Aged.
Towards the end of this year 2014, we are looking forward to a Revival Programme, as they were many setbacks recently. Needless to say two (2) members passed on and the husband of another also died - "May their souls rest in Peace".
A drive will be on in 2015 for new membership and we pray for the Holy Spirit to lead and guide us along the way.
God Be Praised! 

Contact Information

The Venerable Christian E. Glasgow
M.A., B.A., Dip. P.S.
St. Lucy's House, Church Street,
P.O. Box 101, St. George
Grenada.  West Indies
Tel: 1 473 440 2169/6282   
Tel: 1 718 355 8200    
Cel: 1 473 407 2010

Sunday Service

7:00 a.m. ~ St. Alban - Mt. Moritz

7:30 a.m. ~ St.George's - Church Street

9:00 a.m. ~ St. Luke's - Grenville Vale

10:00 a.m. ~ St. Vincent - Morne Jaloux

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